viernes, julio 19, 2024

?? The Book Club starts new book.

? “The Thirty-Nine Steps” is an adventure novel by the British author, John Buchan.
?️ It is the first of five novels featuring Richard Hannay.
➡️ Hannay saw something in the corner that made his blood turn cold. Scudder was lying on his back. There was a long knife through his heart, pinning him to the floor.
The police are chasing him for a murder he did not do, and another, more dangerous enemy is chasing him as well – the mysterious ‘Black Stone’.
Who are these people❓
And why do they want Hannay dead⁉️

? If you want to join our «BOOK CLUB», contact us via facebook, instagram, email ( or phone 965604650.

? House of Culture
? Meeting April 25, 2023
? 6 p.m.

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